MCA Records Statement Over Security Threat Against His Life

A Member of the Nakuru County Assembly has recorded a statement with the police expressing fears over his life.

In a report made at Teachers Police Station, Menengai East MCA Wilson Mwangi aka WaJeff said suspicious characters on a motorbike had been trailing him.

The MCA cited a recent incident where two armed criminals on a motorbike overtook his car as he drove home and blocked him.

                                                      Menengai East MCA Wilson Mwangi

“I quickly reversed as one of the attackers pulled down his balaclava to cover his face ready to strike. I jumped out of the vehicle, leaving the engine running whilst shouting for help which alerted passers-by and the criminals fled,” recalled Mwangi.

A senior police officer tasked to probe the matter said investigations had been launched into the matter and that anyone found culpable would be prosecuted.

“We have received a threat report from the MCA and we are investigating the matter. We will not allow anyone to threaten the lives of others,” said a source privy to the ongoing investigation.

Mwangi’s supporters have linked the attacks to their MCA’s stand against grabbing of public land and assured him that they fully supported him in his endeavours. They claimed that he was targeted over his stand on certain matters in the Assembly, including grabbing of public utilities by ‘well-connected cartels’.

The MCA has in the recent past teamed up with residents of Menengai East in filing a petition requesting for vital land documents meant to prove ownership of some contentious parcels of land within the ward.

The Jubilee Party MCA has appealed to the police to investigate the threats against him and the motive behind the plan.

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