Jubilee MP Speaks After Being Roughed Up in Kibra

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has broken his silence on the violence directed to him at Kibra grounds on Thursday.

Barasa has accused ODM affiliates of being responsible for the beatings given to him by unknown goons.

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa: PHOTO COURTESY

According to him, it is not the Kibra voters that are behind the chaos but goons who accompany ODM officials.

Speaking to Haki Africa humanitarian group, the legislator also alleged that the opposition could be having the support of police officers as they watched as chaos erupted.

He was settling his differences with his Dagoreti North counterpart, Simba Arati when the rowdy goon landed on him.

This happened as Barasa was amid a live TV coverage in Kibra Grounds.

His candidate Mc Donald Mariga also received a cold shoulder from Kibra residents who threw stones at him in Ayany Polling Centre.

Boni Khalwale, was stoned twice amid during the November 7 by-elections.

The former Kakamega senator was forced to flee from Kibra after residents went after him accusing him of compromising voters in favour of Jubilee candidate.

Boni Khalwale holding stones during a confrontation with opponents: PHOTO COURTESY

The elections came to a close with the Kibra atmosphere being filled with violence, bribery and police engagements.

On Thursday morning, two people were arrested on accusations of bribing voters at a polling station in Kibra.

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