9 Items Kenyan Ladies Should Never Insert In The Vagina

The vagina is a sensitive reproductive organ in a woman.

This is because it produces a discharge that is used for lubrication and keeps the vaginal tissues healthy from bacteria/infection. Normally, when the vagina is in prime condition, the discharge ranges from sticky, milky white, watery and clear.

Society has made women believe they can use their vaginas to get what they want and insert anything to increase sexual pleasure. However, these items when inserted in the vagina are reported to have a negative impact on your coochie.

Here are 9 items that should never be put in your vagina;

1.Chocolate syrup. If you are thinking you want to have the best kinky sex by having some chocolate syrup on your cookie, it’s wrong to do so. It contains sugar which changes bacteria and yeast proportions in the vagina. This results in infections and can also cause skin irritation.

2.Fruits and vegetables. For those that use these for masturbation, you are doing a lot of harm to your vagina. This is because fruits and vegetables have been sprayed with different kinds of pesticides. They contain chemicals that can make the vagina prone to infections that will leave you regretting why you did so.

3. Whipped cream. It’s commonly used in oral sex. In as much as it’s going to spice things up, it’s going to make your coochie suffer. Once you have the cream in the vagina it’s not easy to remove it. It will go naturally. Doctors advise that the cream can be used but placed at the vulva or other body organs.

4. Vaseline. This is a very common item because some of you believe applying it will make the vajayjay smooth and fresh. It’s also used as a sexual lubricant. Vaseline has been prohibited because it has a petroleum ingredient that can result in infections.

5. Steaming your vagina. It’s simply going to the spa and with no innerwear and you sit on chairs that have herbal-infused steam that is meant to go straight to the vagina. If you are a frequent vagina steamer, you are prone to burning your pussy and skin irritation due to the herbal chemicals.

6. Douches. Many women use douches to prevent bad odor in the vagina. It’s good to watch out for your vagina but quit using it because it will reduce the natural bacteria in your vagina. It will also irritate the mucous lining and introduce more bacteria. You definitely do not want to be in pain.

7. Anything that has been in your buttocks or has been used by someone else for their butt. Examples of these items are sex toys or any object. It will spread bacteria like bushfire.

8. Yogurt. It’s been said that it helps in cleaning the vagina but doctors have reported that it’s dangerous. This is because there are ladies who use tampons to insert the yogurt. It’s not advised because the tampon contains different chemicals that may harm the vagina.

9. Any sharp objects. Ensure to keep your coochie away from any sharp objects because when a vagina has a cut, it bleeds heavily.

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