5 Major Reasons Why Kenyans Should Fart More Often

Farting is a topic that people never talk about because it’s a weird conversation. Some of you think farting is uncouth, embarrassing and disgusting but that is not the case.

It is known to be very healthy and here are some of the reasons every Kenyan should never shy away from farting;

Did you know holding in gas is unhealthy and can ruin your digestive system?

It reduces abdominal pain.  Anytime you are eating, chewing, swallowing and processing food, gas always develops in the digestive system. The gas makes one develop sharp uncomfortable pains that can interrupt your day to day activities. Some even rush to the clinic thinking they may be pregnant, experiencing stomach upset or food poisoning. The only solution is to fart and you will be good to go. If the pains are consistent, seek medical attention.

It helps you identify food allergies. Our bodies are very sensitive, once you eat or apply something that it does not like, it reacts. Examples of how they react is by vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, bloating or farting. If you fart often after eating any kind of food, that should communicate there is a problem. Seek medical advice from the doctor.

It improves colon health. It is not advisable to hold in gas when your body needs to pass it. Holding in fart affects the colon which is used for processing waste products from the body and reabsorb fluids. The colon will burst afterward due to the blockage.

It reduces bloating. This is caused by water retention and gas in the body. It’s caused by the food you eat, drinks or it may be a sign your periods are on the way. Some of the symptoms include feeling full, the stomach swells and it’s uncomfortable. To stop this feeling, simply fart like there is no tomorrow.

It symbolizes that you have a healthy digestive system. Farting is healthy and passing gas signifies your system is clean and safe. If you do not pass gas, that means something may be missing in your diet and the digestive system is not healthy. This will encourage you to change your diet and eat right.


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