KQ Responds to Why Plane Destined For Nairobi Turned Back to Johannesburg

Kenya Airways on Wednesday responded with answers as to why a plane that was headed to Nairobi from Johannesburg turned back in what was alleged to be a stowaway incident.

The airline dismissed articles that ran the story regarding them as, “articles that carried a great deal of  sensational misinformation with a dismal level of fact-checking.”

Kenya Airways insisted that the insinuations were false and went ahead to shed a light on the activities that led to the aeroplane turning back to Johannesburg.

A Kenya Airways plane Boeing 787-8

“We confirm that the flight took off from O.R Tambo International Airport as scheduled but was notified to make a return back to O.R Tambo shortly after takeoff,” the press statement read in part.

The reason for doing so according to KQ was to off-board one of their engineers travelling as a passenger and was needed in Johannesburg to carry out official duties.

The airline further insisted that it was responsible for carrying out routine maintenance check-up on all its aircraft that fly in and out of O.R Tambo with KQ engineers.

In July of this year, a dead stowaway was discovered to have been on a Kenya Airways plane that was headed to London from Nairobi.

The body of the unidentified male dropped from the plane into a garden in Clapham, South London.

It is believed that he died inside the landing compartment where he had hidden.

“UK police also discovered a bag containing food and some clothing at the rear left landing gear of the plane,” the Kenya Airports Authority later revealed.

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