I Can’t Take Marriage Advice From a Newlywed – Jalang’o Comments on Nyashinki’s Cheating Advice

Jalang’o with his wife Amina Chao (Instagram)

The last two weeks have seen 4 celebrities walk down the aisle with Nyashinki finally making an honest woman out of Zia Bett.

 A day after the nuptials, a tweet was posted on his account that read, “The cheating process is too long to be called a mistake.”

Nyashinksi and Zia Bett (Instagram)

A tweet that caused quite the furore on social media that it made it to morning radio on Milele FM.

Weighing in on Nyashinki’s advise, Jalang’o disclosed that he can’t take advice from people who have not even lived under a roof with a woman for at least a year.

 “You cannot take advice from a man that has not lived under a roof with a woman for at least one year. Nyashinki cannot advise me on things concerning marriage. What he said was true, but when it comes to marriage a man who hasn’t gotten married cannot advise on marriage things. It’s like someone who doesn’t even own a bicycle advising me about a Mercedes Benz. You can only talk about something you have experienced. You can only give advice about something you’ve experienced. You can only talk about something you know. Kuoa siku moja isikugeuze mhenga,” he said.

Jalang’o Goes Public with Relationship

The feted radio presenter made things official with the love of his life in a Rũracio ceremony attended by Big Ted, Ben Kang’ang’i, Mc Jessy, Alex Mwakideu, Otoyo, Robert Burale and other close family and friends.

A ceremony that took many by surprise because very few people knew of her existence.

Jalang’o with his wife Amina Chao (Instagram)

Speaking during his radio show, Jalang’o revealed that the two have been together for a long time but they kept their relationship under wraps due to the nature of his wife’s job and the fact that she doesn’t like social media.

“Unadhani tumejuana juzi, tulijuana kitambo lakini yeye siyo mtu anapenda mtandaoni na pia kazi yake haimuruhusu”, he said on Milele FM.



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