Common First Date Lies Kenyan Men Lure Slay Queens With

Even if you are not looking for a relationship, the first date is the time to impress the other person.

In trying to get a second date, many people make huge mistakes during their first date which ruin their chances of having a second date thereby cutting the relationship short.

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We all decorate our way of being that day, so it would be best to highlight those exaggerations of the first date most Kenyan men make.

It’s not that men lie when they’re meeting a girl, that too, but that’s another matter. It is that they decorate their lives in such a way that they look like angels and aliens in this hard economy.

Ladies, we must be very aware of these exaggerations of the first date. Pay attention to these areas vulnerable to exaggeration.


So you meet this amazing guy and he tells you that he works in the pharmaceutical field and you can imagine him with a white coat discovering the cure against cancer. You and your silly mind actually believe just because he picked you up in a car, he is telling the truth. Sis, you need to read the signs! Ask yourself, would his profession really matter on the first date? Is that car even his? Only time will tell.



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Kwanza this one is a real catch. Most Kenyans don’t enjoy reading, but a man has to stand out, right? Reading, however, is probably the universal lie when two people are getting to know each other, the most told in the world.

He tells you that he loves to read and may even mention some famous titles that sound like him from the Institute. But if that first date goes further, it is unlikely that you will see him with another reading that is not the sports newspaper.


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Ladies, these men are ideal in planning for these things and they know what exactly to tell you just so that you can be theirs for the taking. What a luck you’ve had because this guy is the most incredible. Will he be the ideal man? He says he likes pampering, afternoons cuddling on the couch and bringing his girl breakfast in bed. Wake up, it can’t be true, you’re dreaming.


On that first date that man also presents himself as the most interesting. He tells you anecdotes of his trips and practices a lot of sports, including surfing, of course, that you have found him in Tinder for something. He also likes movies and doesn’t disgust drinks. What more could you want? It is true


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If you look, many of these Kenyan men on the first dates are adorable and with a great sense of humour. They also have an open and tolerant mentality and even seem to be listening to you. It’s pure and hard marketing and recognize that you do too, that you like to surprise and impress that guy you are meeting. So let time pass to distinguish what is true from what is fantasy.

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