7 Best Lipstick Shades for Kenyan Melanin Queens

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Most dark-skinned Kenyan ladies shy away from trying different lipstick shades.

Because choosing a lipstick that works is challenging so they opt to stick to at most two color shades or go for a wrong one.

Understanding your undertone is key in finding the right shade of lip color.

It’s amazing how different lip colors can make us look and feel different, here are the seven best lipstick shades for dark-skinned ladies.

 Copper brown

This is the ultimate lipstick color for our gorgeous dark-skinned beauties. Copper brown looks very appealing to every shade of dark women.

You could rock this lip shade to all kinds of events and it goes with a diverse range of attires.


This shade is suitable for almost all skin types. It harmonizes perfectly with dark skin tones. You could wear it day and night for any event for a creative and mysterious look.

The trick with purple is choosing the right shade of purple. Find one that illuminates your complexion completely.

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This lipstick can really be scary cause it looks so hard to pull off. This is not the case as it really looks good on our complexion.

If you don’t want it to look too bold, you could add lip gloss to tone it a notch.


Red is the most commonly used lipstick among dark-skinned ladies, it is a look that takes no prisoners.

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Do you like to keep it soft, simple, and formal? Do you still want a diva look sans the loud makeup? Then nude is the shade for you.

You can add a lot of drama, depth, and desire to your looks by making a fusion of bronze and nude. Line your lips with bronze and fill the rest with nude.


Just like natural pink has always been considered an exclusive color for fair-skinned women, there is one color that is generally used by dark-skinned women.

It is the royal peach color. Peach complements every variation of the dark.

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