MPs Attack Maraga after Public Outburst

A section of Members of Parliament has expressed their disgust for Chief Justice David Maraga after he made a damning address on how the Executive and Parliament were ‘undermining’ the Judiciary.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s morning show, Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua said CJ Maraga was being alarmist on the budget cuts that had stalled major functions of the Judiciary.

Chief Justice David Maraga. PHOTO: Courtesy

The MP said the cuts had been effected throughout all the Government departments and not just targeted at the Judiciary.

“I want to tell Chief Justice to relax, I don’t think the executive will muzzle him,” said Gachagua.

Gachagua said that CJ Maraga was in Government and should not engage in outbursts like an outsider but rather engage quietly with the relevant agencies.

On her part, Wajir MP Fatuma Gedi said CJ Maraga was playing politics of public sympathy at the Judiciary.

Gedi dismissed CJ Maraga’s allegations of being denied access to the VIP lounge at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) as unfounded and baseless.

“Nobody stops us from accessing the (JKIA). Even me, Fatuma Gedi I go to the VIP lounge and nobody asks me from being there. Actually, I’m very comfortable there,”  Gedi stated.

However, Kisumu MP Roza Buyu noted that there were glaring protocol hitches during the Mashujaa Day celebrations that ought to be fixed.

She noted that CJ Maraga was a fairly simple man and that his concerns should be taken seriously.

“I was there on Mashujaa Day and I can say there were protocol challenges even for MPs. I think protocol people need to be alert because the public may get the wrong message,” Buyu stated.

As a result of the Treasury cuts for the Judiciary budget, at least 15,000 cases had been suspended, 60 mobile courts recalled and Wi-Fi in courts affected.

CJ Maraga revealed that a section of Cabinet Secretaries was planning to prematurely eject him from the office before the expiry of his term.

The angry Supreme Court President would also reveal in the press address that he would be choosing which state functions to attend.

He said junior Government officials were being used to communicate to him which messages the CJ would shred before reading.

Initially, Judiciary had requested for a budget of Sh31.2 bn but Parliament slashed it to Sh14.5bn before Treasury further sliced it to Sh11.5 bn rendering services at the courts grounded.

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