MP Explains Maraga’s Mercedes Benz Rant

A lawmaker has come to the defence of the distraughted Chief Justice David Maraga following a public outburst on the treatment of the Judiciary by President Uhuru Kenyatta’s government.

Kisumu Woman Representative Rosa Buyu on Tuesday during Citizen TV’s Day Break show, explained the reason the angry Maraga brought forward the discrimination in the allocation of vehicles by the government.

Buyu, remarked that the sentiment by the CJ was a figure of speech to what the car meant in terms of it being a symbol of power.

Chief Justice David Maraga during a past interview

“We know the CJ as a simple man. I think the issue of Mercedes was a figure of speech to show how his office has been treated with disdain,” commented the Women Rep.

The lawmaker further asserted that the no-nonsense Maraga was fighting for the rights of the judiciary to be given the respect it deserves similar to the other arms of government.

She affirmed that the materialistic things such as the vehicle was not something of importance to the head of the legal system.

According to the politician, the frustrations exhibited by Maraga were as a result of strings pulled by the Treasury in the recent budget cuts to the organisation.

The woman representative alleged that the National Treasury was in the wrong for conducting a role that belongs to another body.

“The treasury seems to be the one taking the lead int this.”

“He (Maraga), is responding to that lead taken by the treasury which by law is parliament’s work to give the final say on how the supplementary budget goes,” commented Buyu.

She added that, “Maraga is caught up in the war of the wrong actions from the wrong department.”

On Monday, Maraga publicly ridiculed the decision by the government to cut spending of his department in terms of purchase of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

In his argument, CJ Maraga stated that it was unfair that his department was being targeted on a political level through unfair treatment and unreasonable exclusions, especially on his side.

“It is wastage to buy a CJ a Mercedes 500 but it is not wastage to buy the two speakers of the National assembly a similar vehicle,” remarked the president of the judicial system.

During the presser, Maraga gave the ultimatum that the judiciary’s budget proposals will be given to Parliament and not the treasury.

Due to claims of mistreatment during state functions, Maraga stated that he would avoid future engagements until things improved.

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