Kenyans Teach TSC CEO a Lesson for Threatening Knut

TSC Chief Executive, Nancy Macharia, Tuesday found herself inside the dreaded Kenyans on Twitter net, for a lesson on her move to revoke Kenya National Union of Teachers’ (KNUT) recognition.

In a letter dated Nov. 4, Macharia issued the lobby a two-month notice to terminate a recognition agreement dating back to 1968 because, according to TSC, KNUT does not have enough unionisable members to maintain its legitimacy, under the Country’s labour laws.

KNUT currently has slightly over 100,000 teachers signed to it.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia

The CEO’s sentiments did not, however, auger well with Kenyans on social media, who accused her of being too drunk with the power that comes with her teachers’ boss position.

A section of KOT alleged that Macharia’s ultimate goal is to demean teachers by bringing their only avenue of airing frustrations down.

Other Kenyans felt that Macharia, who has in the past been embroiled in wrangles with KNUT Secretary General Wilson Sossion, was being used to do the dirty work for politicians seeking to oppress teachers.

On Nov. 1, TSC de-registered Sossion as a teacher on the grounds of the unionist having joined politics by accepting ODM’s nomination to Parliament.

Other Kenyans warned Macharia that, just like other civil servants who let power get to their heads, her goose will soon come home to roost.

The CEO was appointed in 2015, with her tenure characterised by high profile teachers’ strikes led by her nemesis, sossion.

While the majority of citizens viewed Macharia’s actions as being in bad taste, a few noted that teachers only had themselves to blame, as they were quick to form side-lobbies instead of unifying under KNUT.

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