Genius Ways Kenyans Use to Avoid Getting Caught Cheating by Their Partners

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Many couples break up because of cheating. While it is the demon that should be fought at all costs, we are all humans and fall short sometimes.

A survey conducted last year by research firm Consumer Insight revealed that 1 in 4 Kenyans cheat on their partners. The statistics never lie. That’s an awfully high number of people cheating regularly to be ignored.

Half of them get busted before they can actually enjoy the thrilling new adventure. Here are sure ways you can avoid getting caught:

Delete instead of archiving the texts


People have learnt where exactly to go to find archived texts. Do yourself a favour a delete the evidence instead. If you can help it, avoid communicating through texts.

Put a secret password on your phone and social media accounts

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Let’s face it, most people get caught cheating through their phones. We don’t always remember to delete incriminating texts and pictures, so the best way to go would be to put a secret password.

Do not fall in love

Rule number one for every cheating person is never to fall in love. While it might seem exciting to explore how far the two of you can go, avoid this temptation completely. If it is sex, which it usually is, keep it strictly that way. Save your emotions for your partner. More often than not, your cheating partner doesn’t care.

Switch off your phone during the rendezvous

Switching off the phone ensures that your partner can’t gain access to you and most importantly can’t track you down. This also gives you time to come up with a fruitful lie.

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How often have you used the ‘Oh pole babe, my phone died’ excuse? It might be time to start.

Play your sex games away

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This is a no brainer really. If you are smart and know what’s good for you, get a motel or hotel reservation. Or even your trusted friend’s place. We have all heard those scary stories where a man was found in another man’s house and beaten to a pulp only escaping with his life. This happens to women as well. Don’t be cheap honey!

Don’t take pictures

As much as you would like to show off the fancy places you take your cheating activities, it is a mistake that will come back to bite you.

Save their contact as your lover’s name

Many cheaters get caught because they haven’t learnt this all too important cheating hack. Instead of saving your sins as a random name of a person of the same sex, try saving them under your partner’s name. When snooping, they will never suspect to go through their texts with you.

Do not cheat with a sibling or best friend

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Although there are no rules to who you can munch on and who is off-limits, show some human decency in your choice. Cheating is already such a bad crime in a relationship without dragging your partner’s sibling or best friend into the mix.

Use a condom

Strap up! Condoms help in preventing a myriad of different visible repercussions. For starters, HIV side effects are very visible. While those take years to manifest, pregnancy does not! Neither do STI’s and STD’s. Protection is necessary for enjoyment.

Clean up after

Some partners can tell if you’ve been getting down and dirty under the covers by your sexual aura. To save yourself, clean up after the deed is done.


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