7 Reasons Why You Dream About Your Ex

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A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep. It is mainly related to daily happenings in a person’s life. Different dreams have different meanings, below is a list of reasons as to why you dream about your ex.

You are not over him

If you frequently dream about a partner who you parted ways with, it might be a sign to show that you still love him and still thinking about him.

Afraid of moving on

Images of an ex-lover in your dreams can at times signify that you are afraid of moving on. Starting a new relationship might be a big worry or leaving a single life might be a bother in your current life.

Afraid of abuse

If your ex-lover was abusive, you might be facing trauma for the experience you had while dating him hence the reason why you see him every night in your dreams.

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Trying a new experience

After breaking up with your lover, maybe you met another person who you are ready to start a relationship with. You keep on wondering whether the new partner will be different from your ex hence the reason why you often dream about him.

You have kids together

If you had children with your ex-partner before parting ways, they at times be the reason as to why you dream about him. They keep asking about their father or mother making you think about him every day and night.

Its all about you

As much as you see your ex in your dreams it doesn’t have to signify anything about him all the time. It might be a sign that you are fighting with the old you. You have to get rid of some old past and focus on a new life.

You are unhappy

You are not happy with your current life and that’s why you keep on seeing your ex-partner in your dreams. Maybe there is a decision you made which left you in regrets. Your ex in your dreams might be signifying that decision.

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