7 Kenyan Artists That Have Taken Music to a New Level Despite the Vulgarity

Gone are the days’ Nigerian music was the main music on our radio airwaves. This came after the hashtag PlayKe was created to boost Kenyan music, support the upcoming talented voices and have more local music being played on the airwaves.

Who knew a few months down the line hits like “Wamlabez”, “Lamba lolo”, “Drink na mayenx”, “Peleka na rieng” will be the new music? A popular genre, Gengetone has been rebirthed in the local music scene by young boys who are believed to have grown in the ghetto.

The Gengetone genre is known to contain sheng and vulgar language which is popular in the ghetto.

Most of their videos feature young girls performing erotic dance moves and they are shot in a simple way. One even wonders how they gain over a million views on Youtube with the poorly shot videos.

Here are seven Kenyan musicians that have taken the music industry by storm and will not leave anytime soon;

  1. Ethic Entertainment– They came to the limelight after they first single, Lamba Lolo went viral. The boy group consists of Swat, Seska, Rekless, and Zila.
  2. Ochungulo Family– They are popularly known for their hit, Na iwake. They consist of Nelly the goon, Benzema who calls himself Alehandro and Dmore.
  3. Boondocks– They took their airwaves by releasing ‘Peleka na rieng which is a massive club banger. The boy group consists of Odi wa Murang’a, Exray and Maddox.
  4. Zero Sufuria– He is known for ‘Zimenishika’ which he released in January 2019 and it became a hit.
  5. Sailors- We all knew them after they released ‘Wamlabez wamnyonez’ which became an anthem in every function held in the country.
  6. Ricco Gang– They are known for Kimonyoski’ which features comedian Kartelo.
  7. Psycho– They came to the limelight after releasing a song entitled ‘Kata tenje’. The group consists of Francis Juma, Joseph Juma, Ian Njiite and Kelvin.


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