Unique Simarities You Should Know between Hussein Mohamed and His Replacement

After the curtains fell for Hussein Mohamed as Citizen TV Newsnight show host, Wahiga Mwaura has been announced as his replacement.

The two have had a long journey at the TV station that is coupled with a number of notable similarities in their journalism career.

Hussein Mohamed replacement, Wahiga Mwaura.

Sports journalists

When Citizen tv team was wishing Hussein Mohamed well in his future endeavours, one thing came out; he was a sports journalist before.

Citizen TV sports editor Mike Okinyi in his message rekindled moments when Hussein was part of his team and noted that, despite having left to pursue other roles within the media house, he was proud of his achievements as a news anchor at the station.

The case is not different with Wahiga Mwaura.

The journalist has also been a sports journalist and his passion for developing quality sports pieces won him an international award.

A collage of Hussein Mohamed and Wahiga Mwaura.

Breakfast Show

The transition of Hussein from a journalist to a top news anchor did not happen overnight.

The former Newsnight show host began his anchoring journey as a host of Powerbreakfast, a morning show that has since changed the name.

He natured his career at the morning show before eventually graduating to prime time news anchor.

For Wahiga, he also hosted the Powerbreakfast and until his promotion, he was still hosting the morning show now dubbed Daybreak.

Wahiga Mwaura during his days as Powerbreakfast Show host.

His prowess earned him a spot at prime time show leading to his subsequent promotion to one of the biggest political show in the country, Newsnight.

Co- anchoring

Despite his promotion to prime time news, Hussein began as a co-anchor to then top journalist Janet Mbugua.

Hussein Mohamed with his co-anchor Janet Mbugua.

They anchored news together before Mbugua called it quits at the TV station.

Also to Wahiga, his promotion to prime time news began as a co-anchor to Jacque Maribe whom together they presented news until when the latter was barred by court order because of a pending murder case in which she was a suspect.

Jacque Maribe and her then Co-anchor Wahiga Mwaura.

It is no doubt that the journey of Wahiga and Hussein as journalists at the Royal Media Services, in all appearances, mirrors a classical case of same script same cast.

Above all, Wahiga, who is the winner of BBC World News Komla Dumor Award 2018, will definitely deliver his new mandate as Newsnight show host at Kenya’s top television.



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