Nairobi Mum Labeled ‘Toxic’ after Publicly Shaving Daughter’s Hair

Nairobi Mum Slammed as ‘Toxic Parent’ after Publicly Shaving Daughter’s Hair

A Kenyan mum has been slammed as a ‘toxic’ parent for shaving her daughter’s hair with a pair of scissors in a video that has been viewed over 2.8 Million times on Twitter.

The woman is seen on camera shaving a young girl assumed to be her daughter for allegedly stealing.

“Unataka kushuka Christmas? Utashuka Christmas round hii! Christmas yenye unataka kuibia watu hapa? Hii nywele nido inakupea kichwa hapa? Iii? Unadhania wewe ndio wa kwanza kushuka nywele hii Nairobi? Wewe! Wewe! Cheza na mimi hapa!,”she is heard saying on camera. (Translation: You want to plait your hair on Christmas? You will plait your hair on Christmas, the Christmas where you are stealing from people. Your hair must be the reason you have become like this. Do you think you are the first person in Nairobi to plait their hair? Don’t play with me)

Woman shaving girl’s hair (Twitter)

For many viewers, it’s unclear what the young girl did to deserve the crude haircut but netizens have agreed that the cruel punishment will scar the girl for life.

Kenyans argued that while most of us were raised with an iron fist, we need to be gentler with our children because the strict parenting our parents took us through has scarred most of us for life.

Check out some of the reactions to the video:

@hanleykevon: This is disgusting behaviour from a parent.

@MooreAdams: Old keys don’t open new doors, We are raising a new generation and we can’t use old ways of punishments anymore, just understand your kids more… blend in with them na utawaelewa. Not every problem is a nail that needs hammering.

@DianeNjuguna: Then you continue asking yourself “WHY” a 13-year-old commits suicide…such humiliation damages you for life

@VeraAkinyi: Girls go through a lot when growing up

@MasenoCynthia: 🤦🤦this is just abuse.
Is there an organization that helps children that grow up with toxic parents? I need to join one. Any suggestions?

@Muuuu18969338: African mothers can’t reprimand their husbands and this is where they take out all the anger

@callhergithinji: This makes me sick. Toxic parenting 101

@tomwaswa : Very unfair for that young girl, there should be a way to talk to her and make understand.

@BenjiNdolo: The tone, approach, vile anger, manhandling, psychological and physical violence all at the same time. Reason African kids and adults are so injured generally and super sensitive.

@della_sid: Let’s raise children who won’t have to recover from their childhood

@missstamara: It’s easier to raise a child with love than repair one

Others felt that what the mother did was best for her child.

@kenny_adduz: You might all judge the mom because of her anger towards her daughter but i can bet no one in this world will ever love that little girl like her mama. She only wants her kid to stop bad behaviors, make positive choices and ultimately become a better person.

@Becky771918: Our mothers did the same especially when there was a poor school performance, and we never grew big-headed, not cursed, we performed!!

@KarlMarxTheory: I won’t be quick to make any judgment without knowing the context. As in where did it start? And how it started. A short video only is used for a malicious purpose- it doesn’t unveil the context. There’s no normal parent who could do that without a genuine reason

@naza_only: This is the way they know how to show love.
Let’s take it or leave it but most African parents love their child or children so so much.

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