Four Surefire Signs That She is Bad in Bed

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Sex is normally the make it or break it in factor in relationships, and when it comes to intercourse, everyone has their own opinion, especially when it’s your own performance in question.

We probably think we are all good in bed, however, half the time we totally suck at it.

A lot of women feel that when it comes to sex, the man is the one who gets to put in most of the effort, but that’s not the case. Both men and women play totally different roles during their intimate downtime.

It is not easy to tell immediately if a woman sucks in bed making it extremely difficult for a man to tell a woman that she was awful in bed.

Here are the signs that she is bad in bed

She’s a terrible dancer

If the girl you just met has no rhythm on the dance floor, then rest assured she won’t have any rhythm in bed. Sex and dancing go hand in hand and are comparable.

How she moves on the dance floor is how she will move when she is with you.

Lacks a sense of humour

Humour and sex go hand in hand. Laughter triggers emotion, and having a good sense of humour is an extremely attractive quality for both men and women.

It’s also scientifically proven that couples that laugh a lot together have better sex.

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Too talkative 

This kind of girl will give off the wrong illusion that they are mind-blowing in bed, while in fact, they are, disappointing in bed.

Those who talk the talk normally have problems walking the walk. She doesn’t need to be vivid to be a great lay.

Bad kisser

Well, kissing says a lot about a person’s sexuality. But it could be totally deceiving, and sometimes the best kissers are the worst lovers.

However, if a woman’s kiss doesn’t keep you going, then chances are she is going to be just as boring in bed.

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