Moi’s Spokesperson Breaks Silence Amid Death Rumours

Retired President Daniel Moi’s spokesperson has broken his silence following the death rumours that have swamped social media platforms.

Lee Njiru, on Thursday evening, addressed the matter head on by giving clarity in regards to the condition the former president is in.

The stern faced Njiru noted that, speculations reporting the second Head of State had already passed away, were fake.

Retired President Daniel Moi

He affirmed that Moi was still in hospital undergoing treatment.

On Monday, the ailing Moi was rushed to Nairobi Hospital for a second time in two weeks , in what was termed to be a routine checkup.

“It is true Mzee Moi went to the Nairobi Hospital today but it is a routine medical check-up.”

“It is prudent and advisable that everybody go for a medical check-up, so Mzee Moi went for a medical check-up,” remared the spokesperson.

Njiru asserted that Moi was breathing on his own after being taken off life support.

Retired President Daniel Moi spokesperson Lee Njiru during a past interview

It was reported that the once head of KANU developed a lung complication which made it difficult for the old man to breath.

Additional information proclaimed that the family did not want to take chances and hence, they made the trip to the health facility.

Further details declared that the 95 year-old was suffering from a condition referred to as pleural effusion.

According to Mayo Clinic, the disease is defined as the build-up of fluid between the tissues that line the lungs and the chest.

Other conditions such as congestive heart failure, kidney failure, pulmonary embolism, trauma, or infection, are mentioned to be among the various causes to the condition the Nyayo leader was facing.

Retired President Daniel Moi spokesperson Lee Njiru during a past interview

Medical experts explain that, only small amounts of water in the pleural space are required to allows the lungs to operate smoothly in the chest cavity when breathing.

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