Kenyans Bash Akothee For Defending Silverstone’s Increasing Accidents

Singer Akothee has angered Kenyans on social media after defending Silverstone Airline following its recent accidents.

Akothee, who is a brand ambassador of the local airline, assured fans that the planes are safe and that there’s no need to panic.

“For the past 2 years we @silverstoneairservices have made 10,000 safe landings, flying 1 million frequent flayers and operating 14 daily flights! You have never heard any complaints of funny incidents,” said Akothee.

“I spend more time at the airports than in my homes, so I will clearly tell you that the two incidents that Silverstoneairservices has hard is not new,it happens if not daily then couple of times on different airlines.”

The airline has been trending for the better part of this and last week following an emergency landing at Eldoret International Airport by one of its planes after a tyre fell off during take-off.

Many, however, were quick to brush her off arguing that she’s only defending the company because she has been paid.

In fact, her followers argued that an apology from her would have been better than her delayed statement.

“Madam boss you are defending failure instead of apologizing and explaining to us reason for the hitch? Disaster in waiting,” said Lisa Omolo in the comment section.

“You fly your family there because you are the brand ambassador and you are earning from that,….as for us we have nothing to brag about, so we CHOOSE OUR SAFETY first,” added Mukami Carol.

Jay Alphonce said, “2 coincidences in a span of 48hrs makes me nervous. Im glad you are paid for the assurance that is work. We don’t want to fly with “our coffins” nyako!”

A few still sided with Akothee, insisting that accidents are part of air travel though should be avoided at all costs.

“Silverstone is the way to go…I fly and you are only safer when you step into your destination regardless of whatever the airlines you are using..💯support Silverstone” Phine Kim added.

Said Sospeter Agola, “I’ve no complain against Silverstone Airline.”

The Eldoret accident was the second one in just three weeks a thing that has made the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority’s Air Accident Investigations Department to launch a probe on the privately-owned airline.

Here are more reactions:

Goodmorning people . Well I have been offline due to things being different on the ground. For the past 2 years we @…

Posted by Akothee on Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Bryo OG Sawa damage control has been done… The Internet never forgets

BM Dota Devil is at work bt he is defeated
Kipkirui Elius That story is too long but what i can only see is a sexy babiiiiie🧐

Everlyne Merisol Merisol Now what are you trying to justify here.u scare away the faint hearted.can u pls solve ur flight techinal problems in the bedroom.ur a twerking xpert n not an engineer.

Dakitari Pankar Until the day I will his Pekness Jakom Baba Raila Amollo Odinga using that thing called Silviastone airways, that’s when I will use it.


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