Jalang’o Involved in an Accident (Photos)

Jalang’o Involved in an Accident
Jalang’o Involved in an Accident (Courtesy)

Milele FM’s Radio Presenter Jalang’o is a distressed man after he was involved in an accident while driving his posh Mercedes Benz.

According to the media personality, he was headed to a school on Ngong’ road when a police Land Cruiser rammed into his car.

A police Land Cruiser rammed into his car (Instagram)

 “😭😭😭😭 Not the best way I wanted my day to End…Headed to school down on Ngong rd this police cruiser has ripped off my ka baby!! 😭😭😭😭,” the distraught presenter posted.

A police Land Cruiser rammed into his car (Instagram)

Though shaken by the accident, the funny man escaped unhurt.

Traditional Ceremony

This accident comes days after he officially wed the love of his life Amina Chao in a Rũracio ceremony attended by Big Ted, Ben Kang’ang’i, Mc Jessy, Alex Mwakideu, Otoyo, Robert Burale, and other close family and friends.

The ceremony came as a shock to many fans as many didn’t know that he was dating leave alone married.

Jalang’o and his wife (Instagram)

Explaining his decision to keep his lady away from social media on Milele FM, Jalang’o said, “Unadhani tumejuana juzi, tulijuana kitambo lakini yeye siyo mtu anapenda mtandaoni na pia kazi yake haimruhusu.”

In the same breath, he also defended Luo women following the backlash his traditional ceremony attracted against ladies of his community.

“Huwezi hesabu wajaluo wameoa nje kuliko wajaluo wameoa ndani,na nilipo oa mke wangu sikuona wala sikujua kabila lake. Sikufurahia jinsi watu walikuwa wakiongolea dada zangu wakijaluo kwenye mtandaoni, mama yangu ni mjaluo, dadangu ni mjaluo iyo kitu sikupenda kabisa,msiongee vibaya kuhusu dada zangu wa kijaluo ni wasichana wazuri sana na kabila haikuwa chanzo hata kimoja kwangu kuoa na mpenda mke wangu sana,” he explained.

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