Governor Samboja Cracks Whips, Fires Several County Officials

Taita-Taveta Governor Granton Samboja has launched a brutal clean-up of his administration for non-performance, by firing several senior government officials including personal advisors.

In changes that have rocked the county, Dr Frank Mwangemi who headed education and libraries docket was left in limbo after he was replaced by Daniel Makoko who was transferred from Health docket.

The health department is now headed by Dr Cromwell Mwakirungi.

Other County Executive Committee Members (CECMs) whose fate remains unknown include Clarise Mnyambo, formerly in-charge of lands and Bigvai Mwailemi of Youth and Sports.

Mr Mwailemi has been replaced by Laban Mwashighadi who was a manager at the senator’s office while Ms Mnyambo was replaced by Mwandawiro Mghanga.

Until his current appointment, Mwandawiro was governor Samboja’s political adviser. The fate of the two former cabinet members remains unknown.

                          Taita-Taveta Governor Granton Samboja. //PHOTO COURTESY

Governor Samboja has also fired Chief Officer for health Christine Mwakera and Roads and Infrastructure Chief officer Justus Singi. The new Chief Officer for health is Philemona Kirote formerly a chief officer of Education.

The governor also fired his Chief of Staff Philemon Mwaisaka and economic advisor Sylvester Mwaliko. Other officials who have been appointed in Samboja’s new cabinet include Milka Righa as CECM Trade, Tourism, Gender and Culture. Ms. Righa was formerly Hansard Editor at the Taita-Taveta County Assembly.

Samboja also appointed Andrew Kubo as CECM finance.

More changes are expected to hit the cabinet over what observers said is due to lack of tangible development in the county. In April this year, governor Samboja said he would fire non-performing members of his cabinet.

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