Family Cries For Help as Police Fail To Arrest Daughter’s Kidnappers

A family in Vihiga County is crying for help five months later after the police failed to arrest the kidnappers of their daughter.

The family reported that they made reports to three different police stations in the region about the disappearance of their daughter, Esther Vundembeka, 15, whom they said disappeared on June 11, 2019.

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The girl who disappeared in June this year has not been traced despite the police officers having the details of the suspected kidnapper. Photo/File

Despite having the details of the kidnappers, the police according to the family, had failed to make any efforts to find their daughter even after the suspected kidnapper recorded a statement with them.

According to Frida Rojo, (the girl’s grandmother) her granddaughter was lured by a well-known man on the fateful day never to be found five months later.

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The family was, however, able to retrieve the phone number that was used to lure the girl and when conducted, the owner of the phone Patrick Mbaja confirmed that he was in possession of the girl and promised to return her the following day.

Upon failing to return the teenager, the family reported the matter to Gambogi police station and when police failed to take any action, they reported the same to the other two police stations; Vihiga and Serem but up to now, no justice has been served.

The family stated that despite identifying the suspect when he was being questioned in Vihiga by the investigators, the police did not arrest him.

“I saw the suspect at the station but the officers told me to go home as they were busy interrogating him,” recalled Esther’s grandmother.

The suspect’s driver also filed a report with the police confirming that he drove the minor from her home and handed her to the suspect.

In one of the instances, the suspect sent a group of religious leaders to the family on the promise that they would be able to unravel the whereabouts of their daughter but that failed as well.

“He called me informing that he had sent some people to pray for us. They performed some prayers for three hours but that was also in vain,” added Frida Rojo

Frida wondered why the police were still holding her phone as evidence when the major suspect was walking free while bragging on how the family will never find their daughter since he had taken her to an unknown destination.

Confirming the incident, Vihiga CCIO Joshua Chelal said they had made progress in the investigation of the alleged disappearance.



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