Easy Ways Kenyans Dry Their Clothes In This Rainy Season

drying clothes indoor

The rainy season is here and Kenyans are really having a hard time drying out their clothes. Here are a few tricks that will see you dry your clothes and stop cursing the rains.


Hanging clothes in the bathroom is a pretty bright idea. The rains can be a bit much and clothes might take a bit longer to dry. Hang them in your bathroom if there’s enough space. Don’t be tempted to hang any half-dry clothes in the wardrobe. They won’t dry properly and the dampness could lead to mold growth and musty smells.

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one of the easiest ways of drying clothes indoors is to place them on a stand in a well ventilated, open-spaced area. Give your clothes room to breathe and allow air to circulate and help with drying fabrics.

Invest in a good clothes-drying rack and position it in a sunny and breezy area of the house.

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3.An Extra Room:

If you have a spare bedroom, put up clotheslines in the bedroom and hang up the clothes under a fan(if you have one) rotating at medium speed. If you finish your washing clothes late evening and by morning the clothes are dry and the house will not look messy during daytime with clothes hanging.

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Hang items like dresses and shirts on clothes hangers. This not only encourages good air circulation around the clothes, but it also means they will dry crease-free.

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5.Clothes Drying Stand:

clothes drying stand can be raised or lowered to hang clothes easily. These drying stands are made from stainless steel pipes. It will not occupy your floor space. Rather it will utilize the ceiling space.

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6.Squeezing excess Water:

Make sure you squeeze all the excess water. This will make it easier for the clothes to dry faster in those cold temperatures.

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7.Controlling Indoor Moisture:

It is important to control indoor moisture. It reduces the rate of evaporation of water from wet clothes. The heaters can work best to reduce the relative humidity of the room.


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