How Yummy Mummy’s ‘Status’ Prevents Her Husband From Cheating

Popular lifestyle vlogger Joan Munyi, also known as Yummy Mummy revealed that her popularity prevents her husband Zach from cheating.

Yummy Mummy posted a screenshot of her DM from one of her fans who had sent their greetings after meeting Zach(Joan’s Husband) n Bomet County.

As always, she took to her instastories to share that she always knows where her husband is. Her husband is well known such that even when they have a fight, someone will always message her telling her of his whereabouts.

“I always tell Zach that he can never ficha where he is,” she wrote.


Through her content, one can tell that she lives her daily life is her family, they do stuff together.

She once mentioned that one of the reasons she started her platform was because she wanted to inspire people but also eventually have enough flexibility to spend more time with her family.

Her growing platform has attracted brands and companies that seem quite promising.

She has date nights with her husband they play games and you can evidently see that her husband is her best friend and her kids are her life.

Zach has been featured in her videos severally which makes him known to her audience.

A few years back before getting married to Zach, yummy mummy thought her life wasn’t complete as she was pregnant at the age of 19.

Nevertheless, she still went to school and managed to live with a 10k budget with her son and nanny at the time. How inspiring is this?

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