Five Home Remedies to Overcome Pregnancy Fatigue

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Pregnancy fatigue which is part of the pregnancy journey is common, especially in the first three months.

At times, the fatigue can be so overwhelming that you may be unable to be productive at work or keep up with your normal activities.

However, for some women, this early pregnancy fatigue is actually a good sign which indicates that pregnancy hormones are circulating and the body is working hard in helping the baby grow.

Here are some things you can do to fight pregnancy fatigue naturally.

 Get Enough Sleep

Growing a human takes a lot of energy so feeling tired and wanting to get lots of sleep during pregnancy is common.

While you can’t put your life on hold due to your pregnancy, try to make room in your day to get to bed as early as possible.

Drink plenty of water

Your body needs loads of water to transport vital nutrients to your baby, as well as to help prevent constipation, dehydration, bladder infections and fluid retention.

Drinking plenty of water plays a very important role in your life.

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 Exercise Daily

That feeling of fatigue during pregnancy might have you wishing you could spend all day on the couch, but it can be beneficial to get up and exercise.

Regular exercise can also be a great mood booster, so if you are able to fit in modified workouts during pregnancy, go for it. If you feel too tired to exercise, listen to your body and take a break.


Pregnancy takes a toll on your body and mind. You’re producing more blood, your heart rate is up, and you’re using up more water and nutrients.

There’s also the flood of emotion surging through your mind, which can make you feel overwhelmed.

Reduce commitments

If it is at all possible, cancel plans for social activities and reduce your schedule at work. You will be able to resume many of your activities once your baby is born.


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