Bey T Kando! Upcoming Slayqueen Rapper Challenges Juacali With ‘Yes Bana’ Freestyle

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Upcoming rapper Sah Tiva challenged legendary musician Jua Cali after she showcased her rapping skills using Rekles slogan ‘Yes Bana’.

Jua Cali shared part of her video and said that he was looking for her. He called on anyone who knows her to pass the information to her.

“Oya!!! Watu wangu natafuta huyu FemaleMc vibaya sana!! Kama unamjua mwambie anitafute… ‘Kila mtu apate slice hii mkate si Boflo’,” he said.

Tiva will be a new challenge to the existing Bey T and “Kenyan Nicki Minaj” Silverstone Barz. Comparing the two Barz was said to be the greatest rapper.

The young upcoming rapper spit blow for blow of insane barz in  Khali Cartel 3 song. She doesn’t look it but once she opens her mouth, her rap game matches only that of Nicki Minaj.

Her sleek performance in the song excited fans in the country. Being one of only two ladies in the freestyle, the beauty knocked her ‘opponent’ Bey T out of the ballpark.

After Jua Cali shared the same post on his Instagram account, the OG Khaligraph Jones reacted in the comments section with fire.

New artistes have been trying hard to fit in the already congested music industry. Outshining the existing musicians becomes the greatest challenge for them.

It’s always a hard time for the female rappers to maintain in the industry since the competition is always stiff. Legendary rapper Lady S was so great in the industry but later vanished in the thin air. Msupa S also tried but she seems to have also given up.

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