3 Similarities Between New Safaricom And Kenya Power Bosses

Peter Ndegwa and Bernard Ngugi take up the reigns of leadership at Safaricom and Kenya Power, the two top companies that Kenyans love to hate.

While Safaricom faces all manner of public criticism, over what Kenyans term as “swallowing” of internet bundles, Kenya Power is also often on the receiving end, for rampant power outages which, citizens believe, are preventable under proper management of the Monopoly.

Although their appointments come with prestige and additional financial perks, the two new Bosses have a toilsome journey ahead, in the pursuit of getting the two firms to meet the, at times unrealistic, expectations of their clients.

L-Safaricom CEO Peter Ndegwa and R-Kenya Power MD Benard Ngugi

Other than being named to the helm of the money minting companies barely days apart, Ndegwa and Ngugi share several other similarities as outlined below.

Both are MBA holders

Popularity of the once coveted Masters of Business Administration (MBA) course, has over the past few years dwindled, due to the notion that since almost every other Kenyan holds the qualification, the market has become too saturated.

Ndegwa and Ngugi have just proven this assumption wrong.

Just as the course name suggests, managing any profitable business requires advanced studies and research into the practice, and forms part of the basic evaluation criteria for any reputable leadership position.

Both are CPA

If you are thinking about dropping out of your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) classes, because you keep failing in particular subjects, think again.

Safaricom and Kenya Power’s new Bosses both hold the highest levels of accounting qualifications in the country, making them the perfect fits for managing the billions of shillings, transacted within the two entities.

In addition to their exemplary accounting qualifications, Ndegwa and Ngugi are registered members of The Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya (ICPAK), which means that the two are recognised by international bodies such as the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), and the Pan African Federation of Accounting (PAFA).

Both have a knack for maintaining a low profile

Safaricom’s Ndegwa was poached from Diageo PLC, a British alcoholic beverages company headquartered in Europe. Little is, therefore, still not known about him and his personal life.

Similarly, details are still emerging about Ngugi who, prior to his appointment, worked as Kenya Power’s Supply Chain General Manager.

Nosy Kenyans are yet to unravel his personal life and just like Ndegwa, only a few photos of him are currently in social media circulation.

Indeed, still waters run deep.

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