Your Stolen Phone Could be Among Over 150 Recovered by Police

Police in Nairobi have recovered dozens of stolen electronics, including over 150 mobile phones, from a gang believed to be behind rampant gun-point robberies in the County.

Two laptops and one tablet computer were also recovered from 7 suspects, who are part of the gang, and who are already in police custody awaiting presentation in court.

According to police intelligence, the suspects reconfigure the stolen gadgets to avoid successful tracing by phone owners and authorities, before releasing them into the black market for sale.

Most of the recovered phones are smart devices, although there are a number of basic devices as well.

Stanley Atavachi, Nairobi Central OCPD, said that the CID is already working on identifying owners of the devices as police continue probing Simon Mwangi, Brown Okutoi, Lawrence Baraka, John Njenga, Zablon Gathambi, Noah Wanyoike, and Brian Ojambo.

An assortment of smart phones

Atavachi cautioned the general public of purchasing electronic devices from unathorized shops, noting that the stolen phones are often peddled along the streets of Nairobi.

“Hawa ni watu ambao wanauza hizi simu kwa barabara…Ni wafanyi biashara lakini si wafanyi biashara ya maduka(These are individuals who sell the phones on the streets…They are businessmen but they do not own shops),” he warned.

In another successful bust, police in Kayole recovered over 100 stolen mobile phones from an electronics shop.

The owner of Phoenix Mobile Solutions and Accessories Limited, identified as one Josphat Makori, managed to escape during the raid.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect, who is believed to have been providing a hideout for electronics thieves in the area.

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