Pastor Warns Kenyan Men Against Paying School Fees For Their Girlfriends

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A city preacher has lit up social media after sternly warning Kenyan men against paying university school fees for their girlfriends.

According to him, only a mad man would pay fees for a woman he hasn’t married. He confessed many of them come back crying to him after they have been dumped by their newly literate girlfriends. The girls apparently always find a new literate man in campus and no goodwill from you will keep them.

‘Una akili timamu kweli?’ he asked his congregants sarcastically.

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The trend is not a new phenomenon as many men in the country fall victim.

The preacher goes ahead to state that men should let the girl’s parents educate her. While dating, he advises men to take up the small responsibilities like paying for her salon appointments but never for school fees.

“Unaamini mwanamke ambaye ana akili kama za boda boda? Akikushusha wewe anapakia mwengine,” he warned.

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The video has excited Kenyans at its sheer and undeniable accuracy.

Jezz122 said, “Hahahaha đŸ˜‚Boda boda hahaha I like that one crazy as hell the swahili coming out o this brothers mouth!” Mensworld reiterated, “Mwanamke na akili za bodaboda đŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚” Scoffie even gave him 500 gangster points.

Check out the sensational video below:


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Here are some more reactions from Kenyans:


Kabla usomeshe unanunua shoka just incase


Very true


Asomeshwe na wazazi wake


Mmoja ajitolee anilipia đŸ˜¢I swear sitamlet down

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