My Best Friend Always Wants to Talk About Herself -Kenyan Girl’s Confession

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Friendship should be all about value and respect. a listening ear comes also with ‘the’ friendship codeIt can be a bit annoying when a friend is too self-absorbed with themselves. Some of these friends get into our nerves by only talking about themselves.
Here’s a sad confession of one sad friend:
So my best friend — let’s call her Anna — and I (both females) have been friends for well over 8 years now. We’ve known each other since we were kids and grew up to be beautiful women. We’ve been through a lot of things together and I always thought I adored Anna because she’s actually very sweet. But deep down — and I’m starting to realize this a little bit more every day — I know that she is the most selfish person I know. She always, ALWAYS, talks about herself. As soon as I have something I need help with or an interesting story to tell her, she (9/10 times) will cut me off to talk about her and her very active sex life.

It’s like she doesn’t care about me, my feelings, my stories, the things I want to talk to her about, or anything for that matter. She always brags to people about how difficult her life has been and that she needs constant support but literally the biggest situation she’s ever been in was to decide which boy she wanted to f**k during a weekend. She’s never had trouble at home, with her family or friends, always had a stable love life, good grades, active sex life, a stable job, etc.

I haven’t always had it easy and as soon as I try to talk to my best friend to soothe my pain she just kinda blows me off and doesn’t care because she can’t wait to talk about herself or the parties she got us invited to every weekend. I find it disgusting that she is always so selfish and inconsiderate and I keep telling myself over and over again « why the hell am I still friends with that toxic person? » And I think the only answer to that is because I’ve been her friend for over 8 years and I’d feel bad to throw away our friendship after all this time…

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