Last Man Standing! Stivo Simple Boy Outshines Nameless and Other Stars in New Song

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Fast-rising musician Stivo Simple Boy, we can all agree, has whitewashed legendary artistes after the release of new collabo which he was featured.

The new song, dubbed “Wakilisha”, consists of Jegede, Nameless, DJ Shitty and other artistes has been highly anticipated since Jegede first announced it several weeks ago.

Simple Boy has proved to be a real star even after he was ridiculed and laughed at after he released his first song, Mihadarati. He was body-shamed and called all types of names.

Most people felt that he would not make it into music since he did not even have a sense and voice for music, leave alone the looks for him to beat the very many upcoming musicians.

He has however been making slow progress and he seems to be taking the right direction. He previously proved the world wrong after he stepped out dressed to kill in a very official and CEO-like suit.

Sharing the photo on his social media accounts, he said assured his followers that it was a new dawn for him as greater things are to come in his future.

“Nashukuru Mungu kwa baraka zake. Asanteni mafans wangu kwa kunitakia mazuri. Ausio Ndio manake,” he said.

“Steps za Imani, Mungu mbele na mambo yote itakuwa sawa. Vitu vikali viko njiani ndio maanake ausio.”

Many are times he has been trolled not only for his music but for his weird dress code. His fans have been calling on the people responsible for his attires telling them that they were really failing for dressing him in awful clothes.

Haters no longer have room to blast him for he is now on high lanes.

Watch the video below:

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