Karua Unleashes Wrath on British Airways for Discriminatory Treatment

Former presidential aspirant, Martha Karua, wants British Airways to compensate her for damages caused during an unpleasant flight on Saturday.

In a demand letter, Karua narrated how the airline’s staff discriminated against her at Heathrow Airport by confiscating her bag, but allowing other passengers to board the flight, with similar luggage.

According to Karua, a British Airways official took away her carry on bag, claiming that it was too large for the passenger cabin, but promising to ensure that it was loaded on to the plane before departure.

Former Gichugu MP Martha Karua

Although the fiery politician had no problem with the officer’s concerns, she was aggrieved that other passengers were not accorded the same scrutiny.

“The taking of my bag at the boarding gate at Heathrow by your staff was not only unjustified, but also discriminatory and high handed. There were other passengers with bags of similar size,” Karua wrote in the letter.

She further explained that in her previous flight before getting to Heathrow, the bag in question had fitted perfectly in the overhead cabin, and it was of standard weight.

Karua’s letter to BA Customer service

As if the luggage confiscation was not enough turmoil for her, she continued to narrate that despite complying with the directive, the bag, which contained her toiletries and documents, went missing.

“I travelled to my Addis-Ababa meeting without the vital documents and necessities contained in my missing bag,” the angry lawyer continued.

She also noted that the flight from Heathrow to Nairobi was half empty so even if her luggage couldn’t have fitted the overhead cabin, there was plenty of space for her to place it.

“I claim damages for the unreasonable behaviour of your staff which has greatly inconvenienced me,” the former Gichugu MP and Kirinyaga governor aspirant concluded.

The Airline has already responded to her demand letter, asking her to provide her personal details for appropriate action.

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