Why Mt Kenya is Likely to Fail Uhuru, Raila on BBI

The latest political indicators from the Mt Kenya region point to grim support of the Building Bridges Initiative at least going by the latest utterances of at least 40 MPs from the region and the diaspora.

On Friday, Nakuru Town MP Kimani Ngunjiri was the latest one to issue conditions that the BBI should uphold to have the support of the Mt Kenya region.

Kimani said the purported recommendations that are said to be contained in the final BBI report will work against the Kikuyu community who also happen to be the most populous in the country.

He claimed by introducing the presidential system where parliament votes for the head of state, the members of the Kikuyu community will be disfranchised and disempowered economically.

Mt Kenya Leaders addressing the press at Parliament Buildings 24/10/2019 [Photo, Courtesy]
“We are saying one man one vote. Let money be divided according to numbers” adding that the Kikuyu voters cannot be 6 million and get a raw deal from the BBI.

Kimani said if the issues raised by 40 MPs from Mount Kenya are not addressed, then the BBI would be a problem to the region.

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The MPs on Thursday said they would only support proposals by the Initiative if it addresses issues affecting the Central region.

Additionally, the outspoken Kimani said MPs cannot be trusted with electing the President because they are known to be corrupt.

Nakuru Town MP Kimani Ngunjiri [Photo, Courtesy]
“MPs have previously been reported to receive Ksh10,000 to shoot down a bill. So, can they be trusted by wananchi to elect a president?” he quipped.

Muranga Woman Representative Sabina Chege who accompanied Team Embrace to a Kitui tour on Friday accused the Mt Kenya MPs objected to the BBI of going against the wishes of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

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