Signs Your Male Colleague is Interested in You

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The best relationships are those that you never saw them coming, they normally are based on a strong friendship bond.

Your workplace might be a great place to meet your dream partner and when a guy likes you, especially your coworker, it can be clear to you and everyone else around you.

Here are the signs that your coworker is interested in you.

He talks to you differently than everybody else

His body language will be a clear indication that he likes you. Listen carefully to the way he talks to you and compare it to the way he talks to his other female coworkers.

He can’t keep  his eyes off you

His eyes will definitely betray him if he is trying to hide the fact that he has fallen for you. He constantly tries to make prolonged eye contact.

This means that he stares at you whenever you are not looking or that he looks you deep in the eyes whenever you look back at him.

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 He stays in touch

He will drop all other obligations to hang out with you, do you a favor, be around you even if you assure him it’s not necessary.

And when in the office, he will talk to you way more than anyone else, he’s showing signs of being interested.

He tries to figure out if you’re single

If a guy likes a girl, the first thing he’ll want to know is if she’s single.

He will come up with any excuse to ask you a question which will give him a hind on your relationship status.

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