Harmonize Explains to Raburu Why He Walks With Many Bodyguards

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Tanzanian singer Harmonize has for the first time explained why he walks around with many security guards.

Speaking during an interview on Citizen TV 10 over 10, The Konde Gang founder revealed that him moving around with bodyguards is not for show off or for security purposes like the way other celebrities do but to create job opportunities for unemployed youths.

Harmonize went on to disclose that before being famous, he used to hustle with most of his bodyguards.

“For me security unawaona na mimi ni watu nimewafahamu ten years ago nikiwa bado mtaani nikifanya biashara ndogo ndogo kupata riziki alafu ikafika point Mungu akanifanya niwe Harmonize nna wao walikuwa bado mtaani wakiangaika nikasema kwani nisiwaite ndugu wenzagu tuchape kazi kwa pamoja tukitafuta riziki and to me they are not my security guards but my brothers wenye tunashirikiana kwa pamoja kupata riziki,” he said.

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Harmonize noted that whenever he was making any public appearance, he always tag along with his bodyguards.

“Kila pahani napo kwenda mimi huenda nao na kwa mfano, kutoka Darsalam kuja hadi Nairobi means alot to them and they are many brothers and am proud of them,”He disclosed.

Harmonize also narrated how he would go to bed hungry for lack of money.

“I used to wake up at 4am to make tea which I then hawked in Kariokor. I’m one of those people who have had a tough life even though it’s not good to speak on the highs and lows. However, when one speaks about them, they can motivate many others.” he said.

Giving back to society

Harmonize is one of the most generous musicians who has been wholeheartedly shown love to the less fortunate.

A few days ago, the Konde boy launched free food program to feed the less fortunate

According to Harmonize, the truck will be giving out free foods only on Sundays but the frequency could increase should sponsors come onboard.


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