Woman Exposed After Being ‘Healed’ By 3 Pastors on Separate Occasions

Woman Exposed After Being ‘Healed’ By 3 Pastors (Courtesy)

In recent times many pastors have been exposed for faking miracles and now 3 pastors are on the spot for healing the same woman on 3 separate occasions.

One of them is Grace Nation’s televangelist and faith healer Chris Okafor who is seen in one video healing a woman who he claims was bewitched by her mother-in-law.

In a separate video, the woman is seen once again in the streets getting her hand ‘healed’ while in another video she gets ‘healed’ again and is able to stretch her hand out.


These videos have puzzled netizens who tried to figure out how she can contort her hand to a point it looks damaged while others praised her acting skills as she was able to portray all the right emotions during the ‘healing’ process.

Check out some of the reactions below:

Mary Ann She only forget to change clothes, otherwise, the movie is very enjoyable

Florence Achieng: Seriously????

Lilian Njoki: But how is she folding her arm and stretching it like that 😂she’s super weird

Caroh Mdogo: Hii ni talanta…

Angel Bridget: I just tire this miracle thing🤣🤣🤣

Maria Ndungu I’d never test God!

Sophia Muusa: Plot twist. Imagine kuchezea mungu hivi then uamke ukiwa mlemavu cha ukweli 🤔

Tanya Njeri: What dd i just see😳

Dee Lynne Maina: Talent at its best…😳😳 na aamke hvyo…watu hucheza na Mungu.

Cheriez Black: seeing is believing …Kondoo za yesu zinashangilia kushangilia kumbe mtu ako biashara 😂😂

Fraü Wachter: And now she is rich just like that

Mary Mueni: Nataka kufungua kanisa 😂😂😂😂

Ruth’de Moabitess: How does this arm fold and even shortens???

Cecilia Brenda: She needs to at least have different attires for different scenes

Yvonne Maingi: May God punish her plus her accomplices

Brenda Bilongo Nyadida: Fake pastors everywhere that’s why Mimi ujiombea kwa nyumba na maobi yangu inasikika

Vutagwa Gloria: She was just born with an extraordinary arm whatever so she’s using it to make money

olucci_: This woman is just flexible and is making money from acting

zhukuriyah: Audio miracles 😂😂😂😂 may God save us

lawyer_chubby: Magicians everywhere 😰😰😰😰😰

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