Joho Took Range Rover From Huddah and Gave It to Ommy Dimpoz – Popular Tanzanian Artiste Claims

Huddah with her Range (Instagram)

Popular Tanzanian Artiste Nay Wa Mitego has caused a commotion on social media after claiming that Governor Joho took Huddah’s Range Rover and gave it to Ommy Dimpoz.

He made this claim in a new diss song titled Ipo Sawa.

“…001 boss toka Kenya gari ulilompa Dimpoz bro si ndio lile ulilomhonga Huddah,” he raps.

Ommy with the Range (Courtesy)

He then throws a few jabs at Wema Sepetu by stating that she is no longer the superstar she used to be and Dogo Janja who he claims has not released a hit since he was dumped by Bongo actress Irene Uwoya.

“Njanjaro toka aachike ni kama kaacha muziki sijui stress za Uwoya ni mwaka hajatoa hiti,” another line from the song reads.

Ben Pol was also not spared and he declared that the singer is a kept man who forgot to release good music, all he does is stunt with his new wife Anerlisa on social media.

“Ganda la ndizi kalifuata Ben Pol kasahau muziki kaolewa 254, zimebaki mbwembwe tu kikweli mwana ameyumba” Nay claims.

Huddah’s Pink Range Rover

Huddah’s Range Rover (Courtesy)

His statement about Huddah’s Range Rover comes about a year after Huddah claimed that she traded in her signature pink car for a Landcruiser V8, 2018.

“People see me alight from my Landcruiser V8, 2018 and they wonder, small Body Big Machine… I Love Big things, Big houses, Big Dicks, Big Big Big ..Big anything! I was born small, let me have it all Big. I Brag different coz my case different. BORN CHAMPION, ” wrote Ms Monroe.

She then went on to add that people had been wondering what car she rolls in since selling her Range Rover.

“In case you all wondered what car I drive now coz hampendi kushindwa. And by the way Landcruiser V8 is more expensive than a Range Rover or same price of it’s a Vogue or Velar… and it has no maintenance issues. V8 is the best car for African roads,” added Huddah Monroe.

However, there were allegations that the real reason Huddah no longer drives the Range Rover is that the car had been gifted to her by the Mombasa Governor who repossessed it as he did with Betty Kyallo’s Porsche.

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