Hilarious Reactions After Mariga Invites Kibra Residents for Shopping

Jubilee candidate for Kibra, MacDonald Mariga, is pulling out all stops to win the seat come November 7.

Besides playing football in the dusty pitches of Kibera, he has, with the backing of Deputy President William Ruto, hosted many delegations at the latter’s official residence in Karen.

Not only that, this Friday, the former International Footballer is set to meet his supporters in and outside Kibra Constituency to take him to shopping at Othaya Market.

Poster inviting Kibra residents to join Mariga for shopping

Thereafter, as revealed by digital strategist Dennis Itumbi on Facebook, Mariga will unveil his infrastructure and trade manifesto.

What followed Itumbi’s post was a flurry of comments by Kenyans with many criticizing the move as a joke.

Here are some of the reactions:

Elphas Bengo: I would rather you localize the campaign strategy, old friend. Good Luck all in all.

Macharia Wa Mwihaki: This is a lot of fake stuff. Where on earth does a Kenyan MP have trade and infrastructure as a role in bunge? Anyway, tutangoja mmalize, I promise to go to the same place and tell those people the truth. I will keep my promise.


Betty Williams: Behind this event is a group of young brokers, willing to hit yet another target in the name of luring ‘ mama mboga. Watu wakuleko Pesa.

Dennis Itumbi: nothing stops a candidate from buying sukuma wiki to cook in his house.

Sammie Koech: Kibra residents should show honour and respect to Ken by voting in Okoth or Owalo..huyu wa “karibu bed-in” is full of misplaced priorities.

Lovevian Elneny: By 10am this clown would have been sent to Ruto.

Muriira Mark: This is bribery. So wakitoka shopping watakuwa wamejitupa. Will he take them shopping for the term he’ll be in parliament just incase he succeeds to rig his way in.

Tonnie Wa Sophia: For once I concur with Atwoli…Mariga acha hii stori.You going nowhere, whereas Imran is going door to door,wewe ni soko kununua managu..!!!

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