Reactions After Field Marshal Dedan Kimathi’s grave site Identified 62 Years Later

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Late Mzee Jomo Kenyatta with Dedan Kimathi

The great Liberation hero Field Marshall Dedan Kimathi’s grave site has finally been located a whole 62 years later. He was buried in unmarked grave and with his burial site remaining unknown, a search has been going on for years in Kamiti Maximum prison Nairobi.

The family delivered the news with great joy revealing that they currently remain fingers crossed as they wait for chief Justice David Maraga to allow for the excavation and exhumation of Kimathi’s remains for a decent burial.


Kimathi was hanged following an execution warrant signed by Sir Evelyn Baring, who was the governor of the Kenyan colony at the time.

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“Now, therefore, I, Evelyn Baring Knight Grand Cross … Governor of the Colony and Protectorate of Kenya … do hereby order the said Dedan Kimathi son of Wachiuri shall be hanged by the neck till he is dead,” the warrant reads.

“I do hereby direct that… the body of the said Dedan Kimathi son of Wachiuri shall be buried or cremated at such place as you shall appoint.”

The hangman was further ordered to file a report “without delay” to indicate that the execution warrant had been executed.

After Kimathi was hanged, H. M. Whitehall, the officer in charge of “Her Majesty’s Prison”, now Kamiti Maximum Prison, filed a report in which he said: “I have the honour to inform you that I carried out the sentence of death upon Dedan Kimathi son of Wachiuri in the prison at Nairobi at 6 am this 18th day of February 1957.”

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Mukami Kimathi, the widow of Dedan Kimathi, holds a press conference after receiving her husband’s case file from Chief Justice Willy Mutunga at the Supreme Court on March 17, 2016. Mrs Kimathi said there was urgent need to excavate the various points where the hero is suspected to have been interred 59 years ago.

Point Blank host Tony Gachoka has joined the family in thanking the government in tracing the remains.

Well isn’t this such a great relief for both the family and Kenyans who can finally have some historical closure.

“Finally Kimathi the legend will be buried respectfully”.-Rafiki.

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“I can’t believe they finally located the grave of Dedan Kimathi. This is the best news I have heard today.’-Mercy

“Finally the HERO is found”-Didacus.

“wow.After all those years.The family should be permitted to exhume his remains and give a decent send off that befits a hero”-Lorna Kigen Chir Chir.

“No need for exhuming the body. The government should build a memorial at that point to act as a historical reminder.”-Kisumu’s Finest.

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