WAGS: Velma, the Luhya Beauty Who Stole the Heart of Congolese Felly Mulumba

Felly Mulumba Tshiyoyo is undoubtedly a veteran defender in the Kenyan Premier League.

He’s known for his hairstyle and lavish life off the pitch-a character he’s taken to bed matters as can be seen in his choice of a wife. Beauty is conspicuous.

Velma Viollater is the woman warming Mulumba’s bed. The woman motivating the Bandari FC’s celebrated defender-behind the scenes.

She’s the Luhya gal who stole the heart of a Congolese, who came to Kenya to play football, and they’ve been married for about five years.

Velma warms the house in Nairobi’s Fedha estate, because she works in the capital city, as Mulumba plies her trade in Mombasa-home of the Kenyan Premier League side Bandari FC.

Interestingly, Velma has a twin sister whom she strikingly resemble. You would confuse them when you meet on the first day, but of course Felly can never fail in that test.

So far, Mulumba and his beautiful wife are blessed with one kid-a daughter.

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