Photos of Anne Kansime’s Beautiful Sister That Will Leave You convinced They Are Twins

Finding your look-alike sounds like a very interesting thing that can ever happen especially if you strike a good relationship afterward.

Top Ugandan comedian Anne Kansime is one of the celebrities who has been lucky to find her facial twin and the two are absolutely admirable.

Kansiime first met her look-alike back in 2015 before she shared the photos on social media. The striking resemblance wowed many of her fans and the two struck a good rapport ever since.

Generally, the comedian is one of the public figures who have shown off their family to the rest of the world and it took many by surprise when she introduced her ‘twin’.

Most celebrities prefer keeping family and their relationship life private to avoid drama or unnecessary attention. However, the comedian is just like an open book when it comes to this aspect of her life.

In her recent Instagram posts, Kansiime unveiled gorgeous photos of her alleged twin sister Allen Linsdell who was celebrating her birthday.

The comedian could hardly hide her joy as she revealed that her sister was turning 40. Fans could not agree with her as they flooded with compliments of how young and sexy she looks.

According to Kansiime, she is a lucky lady for having a twin in her life and she mentioned that her sister is responsible for making her life better and worth living.

Allen Linsdell hails from the UK and has visited Kansiime in Uganda on different occasions with the most recent visit being for the birthday celebration.

In a previous interview, Allen spoke of childhood memories she had with Kansime and this triggered a lot of confusion to fans.

According to Allen, Kansiime would like engaging in arguments and she would always win. She also revealed that she equally feels blessed to have Kansime in her life.

Here are some of their photos.


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