‘My Boyfriend Dumped Me Because I Was A Virgin’ City Girl Cries

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Sex is most enjoyable if on mutual agreement and people have different preferences when it comes to who they choose to have sex with.

There are a number of reasons why someone would decline to have sex with another. Although some reasons might be entirely awkward others could be valid.

Most people believe that guys enjoy sex more with virgins and apparently it feels nice to be the man who popped the cherry.

However, this does not apply to all men, some might not really be fantasizing about virgins after all.

Here is a confession of a lady who was dumped for being a virgin

Nimeona post flani nikaona niongee kuhusu mtu alikubreak uvajo..stanyamazia huyu nyangau sijai mkumbuka till I saw that post, jamaa broke me uvajo Ka Leo actually aliingiza one minute akitry apo ujinga then he withdrew ata Ka hajanivunja kabisa akakasirika na akasema anafeel pain,🤨 he never talked I went home, kumpigia hashiki,kumtext hareply.

After a week he told me nisiai msumbua, I went there desperately aki Yani Mimi beky! Kuingia Chini ya bed nikapata ma cd zimetumika zikona cum he got mad at me mbona nilienda uninvited wah these men , I thought I was the best for him ,I was clean for you man, I was tight for you man! My nigga you never wanted a virgin I get it but haungenifanyia ivi… Kumbe he had a bad gal from uko UON!

Yani I was so heartbroken nowonder this guy used to ask me “are you a vajo” 2months tukidate Tu ma kisses na ma caresses he used to say “nikikutomba nikupate vajo ntakuacha🙄😳” mazaf**ker left! No wonder I decided to be a whore! Whores don’t hurt ai man I was TIGHT for you😂 kumbe tightness ni bullshit hawa wasee wanataka experience Nani!!!!!! Haha I hope mavajo mnalearn kutoka Kwa mamayo! (Me)

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