Kenyans Hilarious Reactions After Another Safaricom Bundle Heist

Early Wednesday morning, Kenyans mobile phone users woke up to another Heist.

Safaricom subscribers are swimming in thousands and millions of free data bundles and airtime, all because of a loophole occasioned by a system error.

Its origin still remains unknown, but when a message started going viral on social media platforms at 4 am over an opportunity to β€œsteal” from Safaricom, with some customers already awake to take advantage of the opportunity.

People are still hoping , that a similar system error would arise at the Credit Reference Bureau (CRB),HELB Or even at the taxman’s offices before the deadline of filing returns at the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Here are some hillarious reations and tweets :

@BravinYuri:Good morning HELB, Do You accept Payment of the Loan in terms of Airtime and Data? If so, I would like to Clear my Loan right away. Yours Truly, Concerned Kenyan.
@KiplimoKoskei:Poverty is manufactured in bed ,,endeleeni kulala.. #safaricomheist

@FrankMutetezi:Dear Tala , Mshwari and Branch , do you accept loan payment inform of safaricom credit , I promise to pay double the amount plus the profits#safaricomHeist #safaricom

@DessMunyivah Β :When you wake up only to realise the #SafaricomHeist part 2 has missed you.

@Kakamega_pundit: Safaricom heist is real. Me thinks maybe bob colymore was to award us something and the time is now, R.I.P kiongozi. Maybe kipchoge has distributed something from the 1bilion he got , he knows we where behind him. Maybe safaricom has been eating him or her & Revenge is here

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