‘I Slept With My Wife’s Friend And Still Want More,’ Man confesses

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Being cheated on in a relationship is very frustrating. Even though some people do not care, cheating comes with a lot of weight.

It is very unlikely for people to admit that they are cheating even with the knowledge that it can cause emotional pain to their partners.

Most people only get to confess when they realize that it is becoming an addiction or when they start catching up with consequences.

Here is a confession of a man who cheated on his wife with 10 women and still wants more.

Hey Ann… I am wondering… Have we become Saints? No more confessions.

Here is mine… I have had a dirty lifestyle. My wife knows me as a non-cheater yet I have done close to 10 other women since I met her.

I love her so much but my petite for a different pu$$y now and then kills me… I recently banged her friend.. One that she really loves and cares about.


The thing is her friend has family problems and badly needs money… Me being the hyena around took advantage of her and gave her a shot in a local guest hse… 

The thing is she comes to our house as normal as though nothing happened. When my wife talks with pity about her and how she helps her out with money it makes me feel bad… A betrayer.

I asked the gal if she can do a threesome with us and she is like I can think about it. I don’t know why I got the drive to do shitty things with my wife but I just feel like doing that crazy stuff…

Among the 10 I have done, 3 were our DMs… One got paged and is putting me under immense pressure for support.

 I feel like confessing to her about it but again.. I don’t want to lose her.. What should I do?

Take a poll for me… Should I confess? Should ignore that girl claiming to be pg for me? Note: I still feel like banging me girls and especially those she knows… Am I normal?

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