Atwoli Comes to Waititu’s Aid With True but Painful Advice

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COTU boss Francis Atwoli has given a hard hitting advice to embattled Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu.

Waititu was on Mashujaa day embarassed after being chased away from the VIP section. The Governor arrived early at the event and decided to allocate himself a sitting position at the VIP dias.

He sat on a seat reserved for Mombasa Woman Representative Asha Hussein only to be later removed by ushers.

Atwoli has now said that Atwoli should humble himself as he is still facing heavy corruption charges in Court.

“If I was Waititu, I would go stand and wait to be shown where to sit. You can’t go somewhere and behave as if you are still the governor”.

According to Atwoli, Waititu miscalculated since he is no longer the Kiambu Governor. The COTU boss said that Dr. Nyoro, Waititu’s deputy is the County Chief and as such he (Waititu) should have attended the Mashujaa Celebrations as an ordinary Kenyan.

Atwoli hinted that Waititu belongs to the jail.


“If it was in other countries, Waititu would be in Jail,” Said Atwoli.

Calls for Waititu to resign continue to grow with Kiambu residents joining in.

A lobby group has kicked-off a drive to collect signatures to kick him from office. The  ”Okoa Kiambu” drive was initiated on Wednesday with the main aim being to collect signatures which will be used to table a petition for Waititu’s removal from office.

Waititu has been accused of misappropriation of over 500 Million County Funds and abuse of office.

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