Most Kenyan Gospel Artists Are Hypocrites – Boondocks Gang

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When the year began, a section of Kenyan gospel artists have been on the limelight for all wrong reasons, from being involved in sexual scandals to backsliding.

With those involved in the scandals continues to parade themselves as gospel singer preaching the word of God as nothing happened.

Fast rising Gengetone boy band Booondocks Gang who seems to be tired and fed up of the hypocrisy in the gospel industry, has been forced to call out those artists tarnishing the name of Kenya’s gospel industry.

This comes after Boondocks Gangs were accused by some Kenya gospel musicians of misleading the society with their songs.

Speaking during an interview, Boondocks Gang led by Odi wa Muranga revealed that those gospel artists who are fast to judge them are fake and hypocrites.

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Singling out MasterPiece who said that Boondocks Gang is misleading the youth, Boondocks Gang revealed that he has no right to judge them because he  (Masterpiece) preaching water while he is drinking wine.

“Master Piece ni hypocrite, huyo msee unaweza patana naye kwa club,hoa wasee wa gospel wao kukata mbaya na wanatudanganya hapa,”they said.

Adding that Willy Paul who is a gospel artist has been realizing raunchy and misleading songs in the name of preaching the word of God.

“Willy Paul  juzi alitoa ngoma ya lamba nyonyo hapa alafu mnatuambia ngoma yetu ni mbaya, hawa watu wa gospel ni worse reality yao ni mbaya heri ata sisi tunajiweka kwa lifestyle kuliko mtu ako kwa giza lakini hataki kujiweka kwa black and white, “they revealed.


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