Joho Cements 2022 Bid With Public Shame of Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto greeting Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho during the Mashujaa Day Celebrations

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho has delivered a message to Deputy President William Ruto in style in regards to the 2022 Presidential contest.

Joho reminded Ruto that come 2022, he was the man to watch and the rival who will give him a run for his money.

During the Mashujaa Day fete that took place in Mombasa County, Joho pulled a surprise move on the DP when he broke protocol.

The governor opted to invite ODM leader Raila Odinga ahead of Ruto to address the crowd gathered at the event.

It was reported that the decision by the county boss was not planned for as Raila was not among the leaders listed to give a speech.

Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho giving a public address during the Mashujaa Day Fete

Further information alleged that Joho’s play strengthened his bid for the top seat and makes him a clear threat to Ruto’s ambitions.

Governor Joho further added insult to injury when he took a swing at Ruto over the BBI initiative.

While delivering his speech, Joho claimed that Ruto was trying to drive a wedge between Uhuru and Ruto.

He insisted that the Jubilee party member should put aside his personal interest and join those supporting the deal by the two leaders.

“Those leaders are hell-bent on creating rift between Uhuru and Raila,” remarked Joho.

Before he ended his address, the coastal politician advised Ruto to see the light and change his motives.

The backlash by Joho comes a week after media reports alleged that the BBI had started a clash within the ruling party.

In November 2018, the ODM party member declared that he would challenge for the seat and nothing would stop him.

The governor’s decision however sparked confusion as rumours suggested that his party leader would also be competing for the elusive seat again.

In January 2019, a new twist into the story emerged as the vocal Joho proclaimed that he was given instructions by Raila to oppose Ruto.

According to his remarks, Ruto lacks the capacity and integrity to take the country forward.

“If Raila says we go right we shall all go right and if he says we go left we have all to go left. He (Raila) has told us to support Uhuru and oppose Ruto’s presidential bid that is exactly what we are doing.” uttered the Mombasa Governor.

In April this year, Atwoli endorsed Joho’s bid stating that the governor was young, committed and had a clear vision for the nation.

COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli during a past media briefing

“God has not slept since this region lost politicians and that is why he has brought forth Joho. He is fit to lead this country.If he runs for presidency,he will win. Joho must form the next government because he has proved that he is capable.” stated Atwoli.

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