‘I Am Tired Of Living With A Dirty Husband’, Woman Cries

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There is a notion that men are people who cannot keep it all neat and together. Some people think that they will always be more disgusting than women.

In their houses, you are most likely to find dead insects, dirty clothes thrown all over the room and even worse dirty stinking dishes.

Living in the same room with disorganized and untidy people can be very annoying.

It is not just disgusting but it leaves the house in a mess which could even be embarrassing to visitors.

On the extreme ends, living in a dirty house can pose a risk to personal health. It is also very tiring to be the one who always has to clean up the mess of others.

Here is the confession of a woman who is tired of living with her dirty husband

I am tired of living with untidy spouse I hate people who don’t pick after themselves.. my hubby is the dirtiest of all hata kama wanasema wanaume ni untidy huyu amevunja record.

 I am already exhausted looking after 3kids but a whole grownup man can’t even flush a toilet after doing his thing.

 Nguo akitoa anarudisha kwa kabati venye ziko tu na uchafu inabidii nimemwaga chini nikazikunje tena every night I have to do general cleaning to my bedroom but ikifika asubuhi unaeza think ni training field ya Alshabab.

 The list is endless but this habit is exhausting my energy mentally and physically please advise. Na wenye kusema stop anikaring your affair please not today coz I just want to vent



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