Four Dangers of on and Off Relationship

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Breaking up, getting back together, and doing it all over again is very common among young people who are in a relationship.

It may be hard for someone to move on after a break up hence finding themselves in an on-off relationship which is associated with higher rates of abuse, poorer communication and lower levels of commitment.

Here are some of the dangers of on and off relationships.

Physical and emotional abuse

When you are back and forth with your partner it can cause both physical and emotional abuse.

Half of the physical abuse in the relationship have led to death.

 There is no peace or progress

When your relationship is right, you will feel a deep sense of peace, and progress will happen automatically in every aspect of your life and as a couple.

There is a big difference between going through rough patches and having constant conflict and struggles.

When you are on and off with the person you love, you allow for a lot of anxiety, simply because you have not established a unified and clear foundation as a couple.

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You can’t plan for a stable future with an unstable present 

It’s human nature to want stability with someone and it is completely normal to want to plan a future with the person you love.

An on-off relationship also sets yourself up for a lot of disappointment, because your desire for something fulfilling, joyful and promising are not met.

When you are in an inconsistent relationship, it is almost impossible to plan for a secure future because your present relationship is still lacking the basic core foundations.

You lose perspective 

When you love someone and want to make it work, it’s easy to lose perspective because we live in the hope of what we want to happen rather than the reality of what is actually happening.

Not to mention with all the turbulence, sadness, anxiety and confusion that an on-off relationship can bring, it becomes incredibly hard to know what to do.



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