Drama as Pastor Ng’ang’a’s Followers ‘fight’ in Church

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Drama at Neno Evangelism Centre is not new as Pastor Ng’ang’a has been making headlines for his controversial ways of preaching and casting out demons.

He addresses his followers without any worry and says anything to them even if it is insulting not minding the fact that all his sermons are recorded and shared on social media.

During his Sunday sermon, after he called on people to be delivered, two ladies stepped out and in what was seen as if they were fighting demons, started a physical fight.

One lady was lying on the ground as she writhed on the floor as her fellow lady became busy throwing blows on her that she almost undressed her. The lady lying on the floor also started kicking back at her friend and it became a ‘spiritual fight.

Most people expected that the ushers would have intervened but instead, one of them just rushed to cover the ladies from undressing each other and left them behind to go on with their exercise.

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Ng’ang’a’s church has been making headlines for weird things which are mainly caused by him. Previously during a mega crusade in Thika he insulted his church technician after the microphone went off.

“Enda hapo Si ni, wewe toka hapo. Toka hapo unafanya kazi ya bure. You are nothing. Huwezi kuwa na feedback ya main na huwezi monitor,” he said.

He also rudely responded to his church’s secretary after she called him asking for help after being arrested alongside other travelers in a matatu.

She was arrested along with others for not having buckled up their seat belts. Full of hope, the secretary called her pastor requesting him to help her in being released from the police station.

In response, Ng’ang’a asked her why she was in the wrong while else she knew very well that she is supposed to buckle up the set belts every time she is on board.

“Jana secretary amenipigia simu, wameshikwa huko hawajafunga mshipi. Nikamwambia utajipanga, kwani nini hukufunga mshipi na ulikuwa kwa gari,” he said.

Watch the video below to see the augment.

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